Journal #39

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

If you could change one thing about a modern society what would it be?

If i could change one thing in iur society it would be the insecurity. It would be the insecurity because this affects everyone in the city. There was a time were all our parents were insecure to let us go to a party or to hang out with our friends. There are people that are killed by other people, just because they want to be rich. In our society the most important thing is the money. I dont know why but the most money you have the most important you are. This would be the thing i would change because everyone would be more peaceful or more relax. More parties etc… I like a lot the reindeers it is a beautiful animal. People in africa kill reindeers and eat them i dont know why. They say that its meet doesnt taste good. This is just a curious fact.

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