Journal #29

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Write about a time when someone played a trick on you (deceived you). What happened ? How did you react?

During high school there was a giant super final project that if you dont do this project you fail the year. So i was on my house doing my work and a put my paryner to do the other half of the work. We were perfectly organized. I call my friend in the afternoon to asked him if everything is going well with the project and he said yes i almost finish. I was like oh my god this is great my partner is doing all his job. I can focus only on my part. So i start my work at 9:00 pm. It took me like 5 hours to finish this project only the half. At 2:00am i went to sleep. I was dead the next day. So i was searching for my partner to join the two works and give it to the teacher, but the only problem was that my partner never made the project, i was furious. I dont know what to do, i get mad with my partner. So when i give my part to the teacher we recievied 50/100 grade. Thats an awful score. I talk with my teacher and at the end everything gets well. I get my perfect score and my friend get 0! Becausebof his lies.

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