Journal #27

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I preffer to talk about sokething else.
I will talk about my weekend. On friday i went to the coliseo to see the bullfighters. It was awesome, i was in first line with all my friends and coaches. When “zapata” won the two ears i threw my belt to the rodeo. Don Zapata took my belt and raise it with his hands to the air with one hand and with the other hand he was raising the two ears. If a bull fighter won the two ears it means that it was a great perfomance and he kill the bull making a great perfomance. The least thing a bull fighter can win is just one ear, then the two ears, later the two ears and the tail of the bull.
Then an other bull fighter was hitted by the bull, he felt to the floor as if he was dead but then he stand up and said “yo puedo seguir” -i can do this. So he stand up and kill the bull. For someones that always go to see this kind of things said that it was one of the best rodeos they ever gone in their life.

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