Journal #24

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

What i understand about the poem in the first verse is that at first when the nature was not touched by the human it ws pure as gold. In the second first i understand that it is very difficult to maintain or hold the nature as it was given. The two next verse i understand that the fisrt flower was the most beautiful flower but the problema was that it only last a really short time. Then the next verse said that leaf by leaf… So little by little the nature was getting harmed or attacked by the humans. Thats why Eden was so sad, in the poem they use the word grief. At last the gold or the pleasure of the beautiful nature is not reachable, we lost our opportunity to see their beauty. In short words what i understand is that at first everything was great but we start making everything so grief or put violence in the society and thats why the “thing get bad”

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