Journal #22

Friday, February 10th, 2012

How are the greasers like the drapes? How are the socs like the squares? Give a detailed summary of the plot

The greasers are so similar to the drapes because they are the ones who go flirting with the girls, dirty minded. They were always making not good things they fight. Just making theire life fun. The squares are like the socs because they are the reach guys, the ones who are jealous and just want to make the life impossible to the greasers or drapes. For me this is just like the same as the outsidders because is about two groups that have some rivalry. They both like the same girls, they just like to fight. In the movie there is a person jhonny deep, he is the victim. Jhonny is the one that loves a woman from a different class, so the mother of the girl doesnt let the girl be with the boy. The squares fight the drapes and jhonny is in jail because of that fight.
I like a lot this short time that i saw the movie. I hope teacher let us finish the complete movie.

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