Journal #21

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

What is bad and good?

Greasers and social people are defined good or bad. In our world in general the “greasers” are the bad guys, this doesnt mean that they are the bad guys. That is just a stereotype. In the book the socs are the “bad” they are the ones who bodder the greasers. They just want to make greasers to suffer. Differencing the good and the bad. The good, there is not a corct answer because everyone in the world have different toughts. But in general the good is, make yourself happy by dont make others get mad or sad. And bad is make yourself unhappy or things that just hurt you. For example if you smoke marihuana you would affect your organism, this is very polemic because “he is just hurting himself” but at the same time he is hurting his family or other friends.

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