Journal #17

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

what part of the partial exams was fairly easy for you? what was difficult? Did you enjoy any part of partial week? If so, what part? How is Sam like Jamal? How is he different?

During this exams period, the most easy for me was chemestry. This partial a learned a lot, everything in this subject was so easy for me. The most difficult subject or exam for me is, civic etics. I cursed this subject in spanish, that makes less hard the subject, but the only problem is that my teacher is very speciall. she feels like she domains the whole subject and thats not true. she believes that she is the best and she is not. i did not enjoy nothing about this weekend, there are a lot of works and spending time in study.

they are very similar because jamal and sam were 2 intelligent young people. Jamal and Sam also were in a private school, it wasnt the same. Sam and Jamal also take the SAT exam. but of them had a great score. the difference is that Sam used his knowledge and intelligence with a bad used, he saw the opportunity to make money and he goes with it. Jamal used his intelligence for a good act. the most difference is that he doesnt went to jail.

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