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Journal #30

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

What was your reaction to invisible man’s description of the night he was invited to give a speech? What part about the fight or the speech seemed odd to you?

My reaction to invisible mans description of the night he was invited to give the speech was a little bit akward. Because the invisible man tried to give his speech he start “fighting” with a lot group of the black people. Then after all the words, phrases, not in a good mood the invisible man can reach to tell the speech he want to say. It was a really akward lecture. I dont like to read things that are to difficult to understand. But i have to keeo reading this. I dont have an other option.
I hope we read the other book instead of this book.

Journal #29

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Write about a time when someone played a trick on you (deceived you). What happened ? How did you react?

During high school there was a giant super final project that if you dont do this project you fail the year. So i was on my house doing my work and a put my paryner to do the other half of the work. We were perfectly organized. I call my friend in the afternoon to asked him if everything is going well with the project and he said yes i almost finish. I was like oh my god this is great my partner is doing all his job. I can focus only on my part. So i start my work at 9:00 pm. It took me like 5 hours to finish this project only the half. At 2:00am i went to sleep. I was dead the next day. So i was searching for my partner to join the two works and give it to the teacher, but the only problem was that my partner never made the project, i was furious. I dont know what to do, i get mad with my partner. So when i give my part to the teacher we recievied 50/100 grade. Thats an awful score. I talk with my teacher and at the end everything gets well. I get my perfect score and my friend get 0! Becausebof his lies.

Journal #28

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

there was a party last year that i felt so bad because when i entered to the party no body came with me to say hello. This was a terrible feeling. I was sad and it was one of the baddest parties i ever been. But at the same time i felt like i was earning superpowers so i tought i was invisible and i went to all the parts of the house, i also took he car of the father or the owner of the house. everyone tought there was a ghost in the house, there were people running and screaming, the house was a caos. the party was ruined by my fault. everything could be different so i hope the persons learn that when i go to party they must stop and say hello.

Journal #27

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I preffer to talk about sokething else.
I will talk about my weekend. On friday i went to the coliseo to see the bullfighters. It was awesome, i was in first line with all my friends and coaches. When “zapata” won the two ears i threw my belt to the rodeo. Don Zapata took my belt and raise it with his hands to the air with one hand and with the other hand he was raising the two ears. If a bull fighter won the two ears it means that it was a great perfomance and he kill the bull making a great perfomance. The least thing a bull fighter can win is just one ear, then the two ears, later the two ears and the tail of the bull.
Then an other bull fighter was hitted by the bull, he felt to the floor as if he was dead but then he stand up and said “yo puedo seguir” -i can do this. So he stand up and kill the bull. For someones that always go to see this kind of things said that it was one of the best rodeos they ever gone in their life.

Journal #26

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Ponyboy wants to make Darry proud by fighting in the rumble. Do you think that ponyboy has the right idea? Why or why not?

Ponyboy wants to make Darry proud by fighting in the rumble because he is his big brother and he wants to look him as an idol. In general the persons who had a brother, a big brother, commonly he wants to be the same as his brother. And ponyboy prefers to see his brother as a great and winner person. Ponyboy is right evyone is right in this. Who doesnt want to see his brother as a winner.

Journal #25

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

How is Ponyboy different from the other characters in the story, in what is he the outsider? Compare him to other characters in the book.

Ponyboy is different to the others in the story because i think ponyboy is the one who is calmed. He doesnt like to fight, he prefered to be out of problems. I understand it because he is the youngest and i think he doesnt had the force and intelligence to give up a fight. He live in an environment were everyone fight with each other, where everyone is hardest or have great skills fighting. If a compare Ponyboy with the others like his old brother he doesnt had the intelligence.

Journal #24

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

What i understand about the poem in the first verse is that at first when the nature was not touched by the human it ws pure as gold. In the second first i understand that it is very difficult to maintain or hold the nature as it was given. The two next verse i understand that the fisrt flower was the most beautiful flower but the problema was that it only last a really short time. Then the next verse said that leaf by leaf… So little by little the nature was getting harmed or attacked by the humans. Thats why Eden was so sad, in the poem they use the word grief. At last the gold or the pleasure of the beautiful nature is not reachable, we lost our opportunity to see their beauty. In short words what i understand is that at first everything was great but we start making everything so grief or put violence in the society and thats why the “thing get bad”

Journal #23

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Describe someone you care about a lot. How do you show it to him or she?

There is a person in my life that is very important for me. She is the person that i know she would be in the moment i need her, she will be there. Since i was a baby and before a was born she is with me. This person is my mom. My mom just had her birthday celebration this past saturday. Her birthday was 9 of february. The way a show that i love her is very simple, when she asked me for favors or something, i helped her anytime, anywere. When we are home a talk with her we have a really good connection. Thats why i love my mom.

Journal #22

Friday, February 10th, 2012

How are the greasers like the drapes? How are the socs like the squares? Give a detailed summary of the plot

The greasers are so similar to the drapes because they are the ones who go flirting with the girls, dirty minded. They were always making not good things they fight. Just making theire life fun. The squares are like the socs because they are the reach guys, the ones who are jealous and just want to make the life impossible to the greasers or drapes. For me this is just like the same as the outsidders because is about two groups that have some rivalry. They both like the same girls, they just like to fight. In the movie there is a person jhonny deep, he is the victim. Jhonny is the one that loves a woman from a different class, so the mother of the girl doesnt let the girl be with the boy. The squares fight the drapes and jhonny is in jail because of that fight.
I like a lot this short time that i saw the movie. I hope teacher let us finish the complete movie.

Journal #21

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

What is bad and good?

Greasers and social people are defined good or bad. In our world in general the “greasers” are the bad guys, this doesnt mean that they are the bad guys. That is just a stereotype. In the book the socs are the “bad” they are the ones who bodder the greasers. They just want to make greasers to suffer. Differencing the good and the bad. The good, there is not a corct answer because everyone in the world have different toughts. But in general the good is, make yourself happy by dont make others get mad or sad. And bad is make yourself unhappy or things that just hurt you. For example if you smoke marihuana you would affect your organism, this is very polemic because “he is just hurting himself” but at the same time he is hurting his family or other friends.