Journal #14

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Tell me about a lesson someone once taught you. What was it? Do you think you’ve truly learned from it? Why or what not?

There was a time that i’ve do some things that they were very irrespectful. I dont want to talk about that specific thing but I want to talk how do i get fixed. When i was in 8th grade i was a caos. I never put attention class, I do whatever I want, some times I never do my homeworks. And finally a did something that makes the school a complete pandemonium. I put a bomb in one classroom, it explode and 3/4 of the school was destroyed. Im joking, i made things that the discipline person was so mad at me. I had to go to clean the school every afternoon during a long period of time. My parents also punished me, i was in serious problems. I get fixed thanks to those punishments. So a thruly learned.

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