Journal #13

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Write about a time someone stood up for you. Compare it to what William Forrester did for Jamal Wallace.

When I was in middle school i had a story very similar to Jamal’s story. Jamal was in problems because no one believes that he doesnt write the work, so later Forrester came to “save him” to be expulsed from Mailor Callow school. I was in 8th grade, in Colegio Ingles, i had a very big history essay, and one friend and I choose the same topic but we both didnt know that. So when we were doing the essay we took out information from the history book. We have very similar ideas about the essay. We gave the work to our teacher and later he tell us that we copied. Later one friend start fighting with our teacher, just to help us and finally he accept and believe us. And i get a 100 in the score.

Words 126

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