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Journal #16

Monday, January 30th, 2012

I will talk about the movie i saw yestarday. Yestarday i went to the movies with my friends, the movie called “new year”. It is a movie were the most recognized actors of the moment appreared with different papers. I dont know exactly the name of everyone but  i remembered who they are and where did they appear. For example Zac Efron, the one of “HIgh SChool Musical”;Ashton KUtcher, he appeared in ” Two and a Half men”; Sarah Jessica Parker, from “sex and the city”; and a lot more, for my friends it was a bad movie because they expect the best movie of the year, but for me it was a great movie. I liked it.

Journal #15

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

What did you like best about the book? What was one thing you learned from it? Any other comments?

I’d never had read an english book before I entered to english advanced II. In other classes i also had to read books but i never read them. Thanks to Ms Andre i start reading. While a was reading the book i really like it. I made my own movie in my head, i create my own characters and places. That was anotare thing that i like about the book. The author knows how to make your imagination explodes. I learn some good things. Like the one to follow my passion, Jamal lo es to write and to read so he keeps doing that all time. That was the most important thing i’ve learned.

Journal #14

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Tell me about a lesson someone once taught you. What was it? Do you think you’ve truly learned from it? Why or what not?

There was a time that i’ve do some things that they were very irrespectful. I dont want to talk about that specific thing but I want to talk how do i get fixed. When i was in 8th grade i was a caos. I never put attention class, I do whatever I want, some times I never do my homeworks. And finally a did something that makes the school a complete pandemonium. I put a bomb in one classroom, it explode and 3/4 of the school was destroyed. Im joking, i made things that the discipline person was so mad at me. I had to go to clean the school every afternoon during a long period of time. My parents also punished me, i was in serious problems. I get fixed thanks to those punishments. So a thruly learned.

Journal #13

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Write about a time someone stood up for you. Compare it to what William Forrester did for Jamal Wallace.

When I was in middle school i had a story very similar to Jamal’s story. Jamal was in problems because no one believes that he doesnt write the work, so later Forrester came to “save him” to be expulsed from Mailor Callow school. I was in 8th grade, in Colegio Ingles, i had a very big history essay, and one friend and I choose the same topic but we both didnt know that. So when we were doing the essay we took out information from the history book. We have very similar ideas about the essay. We gave the work to our teacher and later he tell us that we copied. Later one friend start fighting with our teacher, just to help us and finally he accept and believe us. And i get a 100 in the score.

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Journal #12

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Describe a time when someone disappointed you. Did you fix the situation with that person? Why or what not?

There was a time were i had a fight with my friend Bernardo. He was drunk and he start getting mad with no reason. Later he start to fighting us, he hit 2 friends and also to myself. I was sopposed to stay in hin house that night. I get him o ver his house. The nexo day he doesnt remember anything so I start to tell him the story. He was very ashamed with himself, but we, my two friends and I, pardon him. We are good friends.

Journal #11

Friday, January 20th, 2012

What did you enjoy about the Chinese Festival?

I wasnt in the Chinese festival zone, so I will talk about how’s my day going. I wake up at 5:50 am them I take a bath. When I went to the kitchen I ate a sandwich made by my mom, it was delicious. Later I had math class at 7:00am with Juan Diego Hinojosa, he is a great mathwork teacher. After that class i had my free period time. With my friend, Jorge and Cristina we get in the roof of the new building. A staff person from tec de mty, catch us and he made us to go down, I’m having a great day.

Journal #10

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

What do you think it means to have an open mind about something? Do you thing we automatically associate some things or people with certain characteristics or ideas.

An open mind person is the one’s who accept people with other characteristics. To adapt very quickly to that situation. I think we automatically associate things or people just by the way theire clothes are or just by hearing a bit of a conversation. This depends on how do we look a person or a new relationship. The problem is that a non open person will not talk or just never create a new relationship

Journal #9

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Think about a favorite author or a favorite book of yours. What about the authors work has inspired you? Describe that authors writing and why you enjoyed it.

There is a book that I am reading in Advanced English II, named “Finding Forester” . This a book about a boy called Jamal Wallace. This boy comes from a poor family, he is just a normal boy, he plays basketball, he goes to school. He is a black boy. Later after he answered a test, some persons of a famous university, the best of the state. He decided to go to this new school and…

I havent finished this book but is a freat book. I feel like I am addicted to it.

Journal #8

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Think of a teacher who had negative or positive influence on you. Describe your relationship with the teacher.

I have one soccer coach that is a great person. He is that kind of coaches that help your improvement by telling positive and negative things, hoping I can use those comments so I can be a better person. I see my coach every day. Sometimes I fight with him because we think different. But we have a great friendship.

Journal #7

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Tell me about a tough decision you once had to make. What was your final decision.

When I was about to enter to high school. I doesnt had idea to what high school im gonna be. Therree were two choices, Colegio Americano and Tec de Mty. My old sister entered to Colegio Americano, thats why my parents want me in that high school and my old brother was in Cumbres. It wasnt an option, i dont like that school. So a made the admission exams for this two high school, and finally i choose Tec de Mty.